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Ship's Hull Cleaning

Propeller Polishing

Underwater Welding & Cutting

Underwater Survey, Video Inspection

Underwater Installation Repairing and Maintenance

Diving Services

Inspecting & non-destructive testing

Marines Emergency Response & Services

Underwater bunker & cargo removal

Salvage Consulting

Wreck Removal

Marine Constructions

About us !

“The Divers” is a dynamic diving company which is ready to fulfill all the underwater needs of its clientele 24/7 365 using a unique technology, creative solutions and the best cost effective plans in the industry.

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Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing

Bio-fouling accumulated on ships’ hulls and propellers waste up to 70% of the ships’ propulsive energy. Therefore, a clean hull and propeller would always help you cut down the expenses on fuel consumption.


Marine Salvage

Rescuing a ship, its cargo or other property from peril is indeed a rigorous task. But with “The Divers” at your assistance, it is no longer complex for we have the most ultimate technology, the best logistics support and a professional team which is ready to undertake any challenge in troubled waters.


Underwater Survey & Video inspection

For a fully detailed and clear idea about your expected scope of work,“The Divers” are ready to provide high definition underwater photography and videography facilities to your requirement.


Underwater welding & cutting

"The divers" provide expert,world standard underwater cutting & welding solutions for all your marine projects.With a Unique,State of the art technology & a set of professional divers we’re capable of furnishing all your underwater cutting & welding needs with expertise.


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