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Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing

Bio-fouling accumulated on ships’ hulls and propellers waste up to 70% of the ships’ propulsive energy. Therefore, a clean hull and propeller would always help you cut down the expenses on fuel consumption.

A hull cleaning procedure,

*Reduces time consumption and fuel expenses of voyages.

*Increases the effective life of the anti-foulant coating.

*gives an opportunity to inspect the hull for visible signs of damage.

*increases the water flow into internal machinery.

*Reduces the possibilities of hull corrosion and pitting

Propeller polishing, a benchmark of our expertise is yet another advantageous procedure as it results in a significant reduction of fuel consumption.

Here at “The Divers”, we use underwater hydraulic technology and innovation plus a well experienced diving A-team which is prepared to work under rough weathers, in both these procedures. We also have license to work underwater in all commercial ports of the Sri Lanka including Galle, Colombo, Trincomalee and Hambanthota.

Our hull cleaning potentials includes:

*Sea Chests


*Vertical Sides

*Flat Bottom

*Bilge Keels



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