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Emergency Response

Many are the miseries and distresses that vessels face in the oceans. It is therefore important as to how one attends to such situations without delay.

But with “The Divers” by your side, never have any fear, for we are on call and standing by 24/7, 365 for any emergency situation. Our team is always ready to receive you through our VHF channels 16/68

We also respond to :

* E-mails: thedivers@sltnet.lk

* Hotline : +94(0)716-834708 or +94(0)915-625867

* Call Sign: 4RBD

Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing

Bio-fouling accumulated on ships’ hulls and propellers waste up to 70% of the ships’ propulsive energy. Therefore, a clean hull and propeller would always help you cut down the expenses on fuel consumption.

A hull cleaning procedure,

*Reduces time consumption and fuel expenses of voyages.

*Increases the effective life of the anti-foulant coating.

*gives an opportunity to inspect the hull for visible signs of damage.

*increases the water flow into internal machinery.

*Reduces the possibilities of hull corrosion and pitting

Propeller polishing, a benchmark of our expertise is yet another advantageous procedure as it results in a significant reduction of fuel consumption.

Here at “The Divers”, we use underwater hydraulic technology and innovation plus a well experienced diving A-team which is prepared to work under rough weathers, in both these procedures. We also have license to work underwater in all commercial ports of the Sri Lanka including Galle, Colombo, Trincomalee and Hambanthota.

Our hull cleaning potentials includes:

*Sea Chests


*Vertical Sides

*Flat Bottom

*Bilge Keels



Marine constructions, repair and maintenance

Breakwater constructions help protect the shoreline from the behaviors of the sea.

At “The Divers”, we have the most creative, appropriate and cost-effective solutions for breakwater making and other marine constructions, which suit the requirements of our clientele and worksite environment. We also have the ideal professionals and ultimate technology for any type of marine construction.

Underwater bunker/cargo removal

Underwater bunker including oil can often be hazardous to ocean environment.

But with “The Divers” at your service, you are no longer at risk. Our expert diving team is ready to undertake any underwater bunker/cargo removal operation under any weather condition. With our emergency response and logistics support, accessing the worksite is by no means a time consuming procedure

Diving Services

“The Divers” is armed with a set of well-trained, professional and experienced divers who would undertake any risk, under any weather condition to perform their duty to the customers’ satisfaction. These divers have developed themselves from youth under the shelter of the company and are extremely reliable, creative and talented.

Here at “The Divers”, class is not limited to paperwork, but extended to trust and reliability, when it comes to execution of diving operations. For all your commercial diving needs, have no hesitations in consulting us for a reliable, professional and cost- effective service.

We undertake all diving operations including:

*Underwater cutting and welding

*Underwater ship repairs

*Underwater survey and video/photo inspection

*Search and Recovery

*Underwater installation, repair and maintenance

*Consultant services for underwater operations

*Underwater Pipe/Cable Laying

Salvage Consulting

Rescuing a ship, its cargo or other property from peril is indeed a rigorous task. But with “The Divers” at your assistance, it is no longer complex for we have the most ultimate technology, the best logistics support and a professional team which is ready to undertake any challenge in troubled waters.

The Asia’s largest salvage done in Galle, Sri Lanka 2008 – “Scorpio Brisbane”, the Netherlands barge and dredger, is just one example which would provide testimony for our expertise in salvage operations.

Always contact “The Divers” for a reliable and technically advanced salvage operation.

Underwater Survey and Video inspections

For a fully detailed and clear idea about your expected scope of work,“The Divers” are ready to provide high definition underwater photography and videography facilities to your requirement.

The wireless underwater communication facilities available at “The Divers” enable the chief engineer, Captain, or Superintendent to instruct the diving team about the operation particulars.

In addition, we also provide underwater CCTV monitoring facilities, where signals could be sent to the Ipads of the captain, chief engineer or the superintendent on board.

Results of surveys and inspections could be supplied to you in all formats, including digital CDs, DVDs and USB after completion.

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