As a Professional Salvage enterprise that relentlessly fight with the unknown miseries of the great oceans, filled with immense surprises and risks, continuous efforts are made to enhance our technologies and skills in order to arm our manpower to service our customers for the utmost reliability

This continuous effort of ours on R&D to achieve the best in solutions has been the vital factor for our excellence in service that empowered us with the confidence and the perfection in handling absolutely any task under the waters of the riskiest oceans in the world. Our clientele has always been gifted with the benefits of our efforts on Researches by means of reduced charges due to our lowered costs, minimum environmental impact, improved productivity yielding the clients with immense savings in time and money.

We use own special cutting and welding technology that optimized for the underwater operation. Those technologies provided as the result of increasing research and development facilities for the company. In the recent event those technologies have used several salvage missions successfully.

Being passionately focused on ‘Simplification of Complexities’, which is a Core Value of ours, we have received tremendous results by means of improvisations in quality, efficiency, productivity etc… that has been the trade mark of ‘The Divers’ that we have proudly shared with our stake holders.

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